Opening Innovation Manager y New Business Developer en HP, La Garriga

Estats Units, 1985

Strategic Business Planner & Chief of Staff Open Innovation Manager   Hewlett-Packard Large Format Production & Industrial division Committed to innovation to deliver new customer value and a firm believer on innovation as an engine for business growth. Enjoying collaboration and teamwork across cultures, geographies and functions. Rich experience on partnering models and open innovation.   As Strategic Business Planner & Chief of Staff, Carles Castellsagué is responsible for the development and coordination of division business and tactical plans across Large Format Production & Industrial division business functions. Carles is also the Strategic Business Planner & Chief of Staff for LF Production, where he plays a lead role in transformational initiatives like Open Innovation and special projects to enable long term profitable growth.   Previously, Carles  led  several transformational initiatives to strengthen organization capabilities on innovation, extended partnerships & alliances as well as talent attraction & development programs./P

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Estats Units, 1985

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George Washington University, Washington, DC

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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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