Associate Professor, Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Queensland, Sta. Maria de Palautordera

Postgrau als Estats Units, 1988

Born in Cassa de la Selva (Girona) in 1965, Eugeni Roura has become an enthusiastic nutritional chemosensing scientist. His academic career starts in the Veterinary Sciences grounds (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona -UAB-) but he soon focused his interest in digestive physiology and nutrition (PhD in Nutrition -UAB- including an MPhil from the University of California, Davis). He joins the University of Queensland (UQ) in 2010. Since then he has put together a new molecular biology laboratory and recruited an expanding research team. His main research interest is related to uncovering how nutrient chemosensing mechanisms (mainly taste and smell) may modulate appetite and food intake in humans, pigs and poultry. He has authored over 60 refereed papers, has been guest speaker to 30 scientific conferences and 50 industry seminars and currently serves as President of the Australasian Association for Chemo Sensory Science, 1 advisory board of a biotech company, several conference organizing committees and 1 scientific advisory committee. Prior to joining UQ, Eugeni worked for the Food and Feed industries as an R&D and Technical Manager during 16 years (including Laboratoris Dr. Esteve, Kemin Europa and Lucta SA) what trained him on Strategic R&D management and Technical and Market-focused services in a multinational highly competitive environment.

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Postgrau als Estats Units, 1988

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