PATRICIA Martínez Sastre

Posgrau a Estats Units, 2020

Patricia was born in Madrid in 1992. She earned a bachelor degree in Journalism and Media Communication from the University Carlos III of Madrid in 2015, during which she had the opportunity to study two years abroad, first, in the United Kingdom (Erasmus scholarship) and her final academic year in Brazil (Santander Formula Program). The following years she specialised in Photojournalism, first as a freelance in Rio de Janeiro (2016), and later on, as a multimedia intern for the Spanish News Agency EFE in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Since mid-2018, she has been in Nairobi working as the sub-saharan Africa correspondent for EFE, where she is currently based. In Africa, she has done assignments from countries such as Somalia, Congo or Tanzania, and has covered presidential elections, terrorist attacks and environmental disasters, among other newsworthy events. In Kenya, in particular, she is especially interested in women, human rights and migration issues. Her photos and features have been published in The New York Times, The Guardian, El País, 7K Magazine and, among others.

La beca de PATRICIA

Posgrau a Estats Units, 2020

Estudis cursats amb la beca

Master of Science in Data Journalism

Tipus d'estudis

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Universitat o centre de destinació

Columbia University, New York, NY

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Comunicació social i periodisme

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Universidad Carlos III

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Comunicació social i periodisme