Chief Growth Officer en Exoticca, Barcelona

Postgrau a Estats Units, 1999

I am a seasoned Executive, Investor, and Entrepreneur, bringing over 25 years of experience to the intersection of Financial Services, Technology, and Travel industries. My journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of results and a burning passion for getting things done. My ability to craft and execute strategies in the face of ambiguity has become my hallmark. I have a deep understanding of how to foster company high growth, lead impactful turnarounds, and enhance operational efficiency. As a formal advisor and account leader for global institutions, I have cultivated an extensive network among C-level executives in the financial and tech sector. My involvement in prestigious events, including the Davos World Economic Forum, reflects my dedication to contributing to global discussions. In essence, I am not just a digital leader but a change catalyst, a trailblazer and a driver of growth.

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Postgrau a Estats Units, 1999

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Columbia University, New York, NY

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