Carlota Saumell Andreu

PhD Student, Cognitive Science, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona

Doctorat a Espanya, 2018

Born in Barcelona in 1990. Cognitive science researcher with diverse background in advertising and comparative literature. In 2012 graduates from Universitat Pompeu Fabra with a BA in Advertising and PR with highest honors (2012 Premio Extraordinario Fin de Estudios). In 2014 graduates from Universitat de Barcelona with a BA in Literary Studies with highest honors (2014 Premio Extraordinario Fin de Estudios). Between 2012-2013 she is an exchange student at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, US). From 3/2014 to 8/2016 she works as a strategic planner at an advertising agency in NYC conducting market research on the bilingual Hispanic market in the US. In September 2016 she moves back to Barcelona to pursue a MA in Cognitive Science and Language at Universitat de Barcelona. She graduates with honors in June 2018. From 2/2017 to 10/2018 she works at SJD Foundation/SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, initially as a research assistant for a project funded by the Spanish Association Against Cancer, and later as a research associate for an EU H2020 Innovation Action Project. From 2/2018 to 6/2018 she holds a collaboration grant with the “Department of Cognition, Development and Psychology of Education” at the University of Barcelona. Currently she is a PhD student of Cognitive Science and Language at the University of Barcelona, where her research focuses on developmental social cognition.

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Doctorat a Espanya, 2018

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Doctorado en Ciencia Cognitiva y Lenguaje

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