Esteban de Guido de BACKER GUTIÉRREZ

Director y Fundador de la Escuela Columbia GSAPP, Granada

Estats Units, 2012

Esteban de Backer received degrees in architecture and environmental sciences from the School of Architecture in Barcelona and UGR, Spain. He worked at No.mad Architects as an Arquia Foundation fellow. As a recipient of the La Caixa Foundation fellowship in 2012 de Backer also earned a Master of Science in Architecture at Columbia GSAPP, where he completed the ARPA initiative with his research “Another Efficiency.” He founded AtO_Office in 2015 and works as an architect between New York City and Spain. He has taught at Barnard College and serves as an adjunct faculty at the GSAPP, Columbia University.

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Estats Units, 2012

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Advanced Architectural Design

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Columbia University, New York, NY

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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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