Jon Rueda Etxebarria

PhD candidate, La Caixa INPhINIT Fellow

Espanya, 2020

Jon Rueda born in Bilbao in 1994. He holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Salamanca (2016), a Master’s degree in Ethics and Democracy from the University of Valencia (2017), and a Master’s degree in Teaching Training in Philosophy from the University of Granada (2020). From 2018 to 2019, he enjoyed an 18-month full-time contract as a Research Assistant, thanks to the European Youth Guarantee programme, in a funded project on moral enhancement at the University of Granada. Since September 2020, he is a PhD candidate and La Caixa INPhINIT Fellow at the University of Granada. He is also a member in training at the Scientific Unit of Excellence FiloLab-UGR. 
His PhD project is titled "Disrupting Humanity? Anticipatory Ethics for Genetic Enhancement Technologies". This research aims to anticipate the key ethical issues of emerging genetic enhancement technologies. Jon Rueda argues that those technologies may constitute morally disruptive innovations. This dissertation particularly focuses on three domains in which genetic enhancement could lead in the future to technologically-induced moral change: (a) reproduction, (b) justice, and (c) human species (dis)continuity.



Espanya, 2020

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Universidad de Granada

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Philosophy and Ethics

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