Assistant Professor, Philadelphia

Estats Units, 2010

I am an Architect and Assistant Professor at UPenn focusing on novel technologies and material practices in design. I hold an interdisciplinary doctorate at Tufts bridging Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Arts and Design and have worked and taught at MIT Architecture, MIT MediaLab, and Cornell University School of Architecture. My team and solo work has been published in science and design journals and shared in cross-field venues such as MRS, IASS, eCAADe, Biofabricate, and ACADIA, and at the MoMa, the Copper Hewitt Design Museum, the New Lab, the Lisbon Architecture Triennial, the Istanbul Design Biennial, and the Pompidou Center in Paris. Since 2008, I co-direct DumoLab and Matilda Labs Inc. 

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Estats Units, 2010

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