Postdoctoral Researcher, Barcelona

Postgrau a Espanya, 2011

I am a marine geoscientist. My primary research interest is the study of the crust in different tectonic settings, and the relation to seismic and tsunami hazards. I am specialized in active source seismic data, and I have work with different types of geophysical and geological data. My PhD was based on processing and interpretation of multichannel seismic reflection data, complemented with bathymetric data, high-resolution seismic data, wells and earthquakes records. As a postdoc, I am dealing with Wide Angle Seismic data modelling and interpretation, and improving my skills in natural hazards assessment (e.g., seismic potential estimation, tsunami modelling).  I have participated in 8 different geophysics cruises, collaborating in the acquisition tasks, the quality control and the data processing on-board. I have been PI of 3 projects, and I have contributed to outreach and teaching activities.

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Postgrau a Espanya, 2011

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