Leticia Izquierdo García

Estats Units, 2020

Architect and Technologist. Master in Advanced Computational Design from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Leticia researches across multiple fields including social sciences and tangible media development to enrich human interactions. Independent researcher at the Innovation and Technology for Development Centre-UPM. Leticia joined the City Science group at MIT Media Lab, where she investigated new urban modeling methods and digital simulation on safe mobility. She led a collaboration project on the ground with the UdeG (Mexico), connecting and negotiating with local institutions, nonprofits, and the authorities of the Government of Jalisco.  Prior to MIT, Leticia was part of the UNESCO-UPM Chair, where she collaborated with the Madrid City Council and private organizations in introducing gender perspectives and equality policies in their fields of action and institutional operations. She also has international work experience in the architecture practice B. Doshi, and has published in several international conferences such as CSS and KDD. Leticia develops creative technology to understand and respond to human activity in cities.



Estats Units, 2020

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Ma

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Master in Media Arts and Sciences

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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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