Lucía Castelló Pedrero

Estats Units, 2021

Lucía was born in Valencia in 1999. She completed the BSc in Biomedical Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de València with the best academic record among the graduating class of 2021, as well as being ranked first in Spain by the Spanish Society of Academic Excellence (SEDEA). Whilst completing her bachelor’s degree, she was also selected to attend courses on nanotechnology in medicine at University College London and 3D printing at King’s College London. She completed her final year thesis at Nanophotonics Technology Center, where she worked on an EU-funded project, whilst being the recipient of a Departmental Collaboration Scholarship awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education. The results of her work on nanophotonic biosensors based on ring resonators for lab-on-chip applications were published in photonics-related journals and an international conference. Currently, she is pursuing an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise at University of Cambridge.



Estats Units, 2021

Universitat o centre de destinació

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Ma

Estudis cursats amb la beca

Medical Engineering and Medical Physics PhD

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Enginyeria i tecnologia biomèdica

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Universitat Politècnica de València

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Enginyeria i tecnologia biomèdica