Maria Begoña Peiro Salvador

Doctor of Design, Harvard University, València

Postgrau a Estats Units, 2020

Begoña Peiro is a doctoral student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She has worked as a researcher and practitioner in the fields of architecture and urban planning, focusing on urban climate resilience strategies, informal settlements and climate justice. Begoña has worked as part of UN-Habitat’s climate change team at the Global Solutions Division, supporting the program on strengthened climate action. She also worked for the Bangkok Office, the Pacific Office and the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. For over three years, she was involved in multiple European projects across different scales in architecture and urban planning practices. She holds a M.Sc. in International Cooperation from the International University of Catalunya and Bachelor & Master’s Degree in Architecture from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

La beca de Maria Begoña

Postgrau a Estats Units, 2020

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Doctor of Design

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Universitat o centre de destinació

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

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Universitat Politècnica de València

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