Maria Victoria Ros Castelló


Canadà, 2020

Victoria was born in Barcelona in 1991. She earned a degree in Medicine from the University of Barcelona (Campus Hospital Clinic) in 2015. During this period, she completed a stay in the Department of Hepatology at the Royal Free Hospital in London and she received an Erasmus scholarship which led to a stay in Caen, France. In 2016 she passed the Selective National Exam (MIR) within national top 4%. Then, she specialised in Neurology at the Neurology Department of Hospital Ramón y Cajal in Madrid between 2016-2020. Since the beginning she developed a strong interest in the field of epilepsy. In 2019 she completed a stay at the Montreal Neurological Institute Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (McGill University). During the residency Victoria collaborated with the Recover Foundation in a Telemedicine Program to advise African doctors about their patients, especially about those suffering from epilepsy. In May 2020 she earned the specialty certificate in Neurology and she was awarded with the Extraordinary Award for Medical Residents of Hospital Ramón y Cajal. In the fall 2020 she participated in the Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy and Neurophysiology Course. In 2021, driven by the need to improve the care of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy, Victoria will continue her education at the Epilepsy Unit of the Montreal Neurological Institute with the help of “La Caixa” Foundation. She speaks English and French.



Canadà, 2020

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McGill University, Montréal, QC

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Clinical Research in Epileptology and Electroencephalography

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Universitat de Barcelona

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