Sara Barrera Rubio

Estats Units, 2020

Sara was born in Barcelona in 1989. She studied Humanities at Pompeu Fabra University (PFU) with a major in history of ideas and minors in history, art and literature. As part of her degree, Sara completed an Erasmus at Maastricht University and an exchange program at Boston College, in addition to earning research and teaching experience in ancient Greek philosophy with various government scholarships. With a growing interest in East Asian thought and comparative East-West philosophy, she pursued an MA in Philosophy at University College Cork, and another in Comparative Studies of Thought, Art and Literature at PFU. She moved on to take a research position in ancient Chinese philosophy at Harvard University, where she became interested in sinology and decided to pursue an MA in Asian Studies at UC Berkeley, with a Fulbright scholarship. After further studying classical and modern Chinese at National Taiwan University, with “la Caixa” scholarship Sara will pursue her PhD in East Asian studies at Princeton University.  With this degree, she will specialize in early Chinese intellectual history, while continuing to nurture her interest in ancient Greek thought and comparative studies.



Estats Units, 2020

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Princeton University, NJ

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East Asian Studies

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Humanitats en general

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Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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