Clara Carbonell Ortiz

PhD candidate at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid

Spain, 2018

Born in Madrid in 1994. In 2012, she begins a BA in Semitic and Islamic Studies at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, completing it in 2016 with the BA thesis "Jewish Communities in Qayyar Persia: Continuity in Judaism and Conversion to Islam, Babism and Bahaism", which obtains a qualification of excellent with honours. During her undergraduate studies, she is awarded a JAE-INTRO in the field of Hebrew Codicology at CSIC (2014) and a fellowship at the Department of Hebrew and Aramaic (2016), which funds a research on Judaeo-Christian polemics in mediaeval Spain. In 2017, she starts an MA in Feminist Studies at her alma mater and writes her MA thesis, which is entitled "Sex Education in Spain". In 2018, she is awarded the Ullendorff-Wolfson Scholarship in Semitic Studies, a one-year full scholarship granted for the MSt in Classical Hebrew Studies at the University of Oxford. She completes her degree with a general qualification of Distinction.  Her doctoral research is being undertaken at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and attempts to pioneer the combination of Feminist Linguistics and Biblical Studies. It specifically focuses on the lexicological analysis of Classical Hebrew from a gender perspective, where to assess the linguistic strategies used for the representation of female sexuality and the extent to which they inflict violence upon women. Her PhD project aims at the eventual development of a new lexicographic method that could both fill a gap in modern Academia and take on the varied and complex challenges posed by current trends in the making of dictionaries of dead languages.


Application period

Spain, 2018

Host university or research centre

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Studies pursued with the fellowship

Doctorado en Ciencias de las Religiones

Type of studies


Speciality of studies pursued with the fellowship

Linguistics, Sociolinguistics

Home university

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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