Aljosa Slamersak

PhD Researcher at ICTA (UAB), Ptuj

Spain, 2017

Born in Ptuj, Slovenia in 1990. He is a PhD researcher in Environmental Science and Technology with a focus on degrowth at ICTA. He received his undergraduate degree in Meteorology and Geophysics from the University in Ljubljana and MSc degrees in Climate Studies and Environmental Sciences from the Wageningen University. Prior to his doctoral studies, he worked as research assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, and as an assistant at the Wageningen University. His main research interests cover: energy system transformations, climate change mitigation, and climate justice.


Application period

Spain, 2017

Host university or research centre

ICTA - UAB Institute of Environmental Science and Technology

Studies pursued with the fellowship

Programa de Doctorado en Ciencia y Tecnología Ambientales

Type of studies


Speciality of studies pursued with the fellowship

Environmental science

Home university


Home speciality

Atmospheric and meteorological science