Carlota Saumell Andreu

PhD Student, Cognitive Science, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona

Spain, 2018

Born in Barcelona in 1990. Cognitive science researcher with diverse background in advertising and comparative literature. In 2012 graduates from Universitat Pompeu Fabra with a BA in Advertising and PR with highest honors (2012 Premio Extraordinario Fin de Estudios). In 2014 graduates from Universitat de Barcelona with a BA in Literary Studies with highest honors (2014 Premio Extraordinario Fin de Estudios). Between 2012-2013 she is an exchange student at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, US). From 3/2014 to 8/2016 she works as a strategic planner at an advertising agency in NYC conducting market research on the bilingual Hispanic market in the US. In September 2016 she moves back to Barcelona to pursue a MA in Cognitive Science and Language at Universitat de Barcelona. She graduates with honors in June 2018. From 2/2017 to 10/2018 she works at SJD Foundation/SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, initially as a research assistant for a project funded by the Spanish Association Against Cancer, and later as a research associate for an EU H2020 Innovation Action Project. From 2/2018 to 6/2018 she holds a collaboration grant with the “Department of Cognition, Development and Psychology of Education” at the University of Barcelona. Currently she is a PhD student of Cognitive Science and Language at the University of Barcelona, where her research focuses on developmental social cognition.

The fellowship of Carlota

Spain, 2018

Studies pursued with the fellowship

Doctorado en Ciencia Cognitiva y Lenguaje

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Host university or research centre

Universitat de Barcelona

Speciality of studies pursued with the fellowship

Experimental psychology

Home university

Universitat de Barcelona

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