2020 - 2024 Programme

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1.Knowledge Activities to encourage the transmission and exchange of knowledge within the network of fellows and with society

  • Consolidate Becari@s Knowledge Day, a session with ten ten-minute talks given by fellows for fellows. An excellent opportunity to learn a lot about a wide variety of topics in a very short time
  • Continue with the Horizons Conferences which establish a dialogue between a fellow and a world-renowned speaker in the same field. They are conferences open to the general public which garner extensive media coverage.
  • Create Becari@s Think Tech to encourage responsible leadership in our society with regard to new technologies with global impact such as Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Energy, Genome Editing, Quantum Computing or Interstellar Travel
  • Hold fun cultural activities and tours of interest for fellows depending on the opportunities that arise in this regard

2.Networking Activities to promote meetings and relationships among fellows and with top-level professionals

  • Consolidate Afterwork Networking, a regular meeting where fellows can have a permanent meeting point to make connections informally
  • Consolidate Networking Lunches, where a group of fellows can get together in a more intimate setting with a top-level professional in an atmosphere of closeness and trust to learn the most from their experience
  • Establish mentoring relationships among fellows at different stages of a fellow's life, for example, upon arriving to a new city to begin the fellowship, to address any concerns and to analyse options when it’s time for a career change, when considering embarking on a project to implement research findings, etc.

3.Internationalisation Promote the holding of activities in cities across the world where there is a critical mass of fellows to increase the visibility of the fellowship and the network of fellows worldwide

  • Consolidate Boston and London
  • Launch San Francisco
  • And other cities where opportunities arise