Life and Health Sciences Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Mathematics Junior Leader Post-Doc
With cutting-edge technology as their backdrop, three exploratory minds have emerged from fields as diverse as forest biotechnology, nanoelectronics, and astrobiology with the aim of resolving some of the questions that still remain unanswered.
International Research
People have always been wary of technological advances but such fears have been exacerbated by AI's ability to create: images, stories, voices... Will we be able to distinguish between fact and fiction? Between news and misinformation?
Social Sciences Life and Health Sciences Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Mathematics Postgraduate
Together with the ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows, we celebrated the award ceremony for the postgraduate fellowships abroad from the 2022 call. Four of them tell us their stories and ambitions in fields as diverse as health, engineering and archaeology.
International Postgraduate
On Wednesday, 12 July, we held the ceremony to award "la Caixa" Foundation's postgraduate fellowships abroad, given to the 100 university students selected in the 2022 call.
Entrepreneurship Fellowship meetings Degree
The first get-together for Bachelor fellows will take place from 11 to 14 July. They're the fellowship holders from the first call for this programme, held in 2021.
International Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Mathematics Postgraduate
We asked two "la Caixa" Foundation fellows who are experts in Artificial Intelligence about the potential and challenges of this new technology
International Sustainable development Fellowship meetings
This year, ten "la Caixa" Foundation fellows will get the chance to take part as mentors in The Challenge by EduCaixa, accompanying 17 groups of students on their training trip to the United States.
Sustainable development Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Mathematics Postgraduate
Behavioural change design is able to teach us how to develop more sustainable habits or even to prevent certain population groups from becoming radicalised. ”La Caixa” Foundation fellow Hugo Félix García gave use some examples of the impact that a good design could have on our society.
International INPhINIT Junior Leader Post-Doc
Over the past few months, we’ve had the privilege of meeting four cohorts of ”la Caixa” Foundation Fellows face-to-face to equip them with skills and knowledge to enhance their personal and leadership abilities, foster new connections with other fellows and increase the social impact of their research.