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Las bananas han transformado el paisaje de Latinoamérica, han contribuido a sus desigualdades sociales y han permitido asentar estereotipos sobre sus habitantes. Blanca Serrano codirige esta exposición virtual, basada en un proyecto de investigación, que nos explica a través del banano la historia de Latinoamérica y de sus gentes. Read more


Rodrigo Delso and Silvia Pons are a clear example of architects who have grasped the social changes needed right now and have got to work to reshape the spaces we inhabit. They have a common idea: “Architecture needs to adapt to our needs, and our needs have changed.” Read more


With 2022 just around the corner, we want to collate anonymous reflections and experiences from some of the ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows. Read more


Álex Velasco is a young university student with a genuine passion for literature. He is setting himself new goals with the support of an undergraduate fellowship from the ”la Caixa” Foundation. Read more