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One of the UN's main goals is to expand sustainable development across most cities in the world by 2030. Today, we are speaking to three ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows who work day in, day out to pave the way for more efficient and sustainable communities.  Read more


Every year, on Halloween night, the 31st of October, we summon up this emotion in what has become one of the most popular celebrations in the world. With the help of three ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows, we want to hunt down some answers from an anthropological, psychological and neurological perspective. Read more


For World Mental Health Day, two undergraduate medicine students with fellowships asked two consolidated experts who both received fellowships from the ”la Caixa” Foundation, about how anxiety, depression and other mental health issues are affecting their generation.   Read more


We sat down with three researchers who have previously been selected to take part in the Junior Leader postdoctoral fellowships programme. They told us what receiving this ”la Caixa” Foundation fellowship has meant for their research career.  Read more