Sustainable development Female talent
Artificial intelligence (AI) emerged in the 1950s with the aim of building intelligent computational systems. After decades of evolution, in recent years its growth has been exponential, altering the technological, economic and social ecosystem with tools such as ChatGPT becoming available to the general public. As analysed by Nuria Oliver, AI expert and "la Caixa" Foundation fellow, such growth entails the need for extensive discussion on the ethics and challenges regarding significant issues such as disinformation and its impact on democracy. But it also opens up a huge range of new possibilities for the good of society.
Research Entrepreneurship
El 20 de febrer passat, vam celebrar una nova trobada virtual de becaris titulada “First time entrepreneurs: com emprendre un negoci sense fracassar en l’intent?”. Aquesta vegada, vam tenir el plaer d’escoltar Antoni Rosinol Vidal, emprenedor establert a Silicon Valley, que va compartir la seva valuosa experiència i coneixements amb els assistents.
International Research Sustainable development Female talent
Verónica Relaño, a marine conservation scientist and "la Caixa" Foundation fellow since 2019, has travelled the world studying the oceans and the communities that inhabit their coasts, so she's the perfect person to explain the current status of marine ecosystems and their protected areas.
Research Sustainable development
On 20 and 21 March, Brussels will host the fifth edition of the European Research and Innovation Days 2024, an event with which the European Commission aims to promote the sustainable and equitable development of our society. We consulted several fellows of the "la Caixa" Foundation who excel in some of the key areas for driving a greener, fairer, and more competitive Europe.
Research INPhINIT Junior Leader Post-Doc
Today we celebrated at the CosmoCaixa Science Museum the doctoral and postdoctoral scholarship award ceremony for the 2023 call. 105 researchers are joining the community to tackle the great challenges of the future in universities and research centers in Spain and Portugal.
Arts and Humanities Fellowship meetings Trobades becaris
At the last virtual meet-up of the ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows, professionals from the film industry debated the current complexities and challenges of this sector and shared some of their experiences.
Research Life and Health Sciences Female talent
In the run-up to the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we talk to Anna Abbadessa, a researcher in the area of pharmaceutical technology at CiMUS, Santiago de Compostela, who shares with us her thoughts on female leadership in science.
Fellows Association
This year the board of the "la Caixa" Foundation Fellows' Association is up for renewal. For this reason, we asked José Miguel Pulido, the current President, what initiatives and activities he has planned for the community of fellows should he be re-elected for the 2024-2028 mandate.
Sustainable development Female talent
Just back from the frozen continent, Anna Ferré Mateu, astronomer and "la Caixa" Foundation fellow, shares with us her experiences at the ends of the earth. A journey full of challenges, growing awareness, teamwork and beauty.