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En el 2021, cuando los límites entre lo posible y lo ético son cuestionados ya de forma habitual, el foco se pone en las personas, en las interacciones con su entorno y en cómo nos enfrentamos colectivamente a los grandes retos contemporáneos. Debido a estas arenas movedizas, interesantes y determinantes para nuestro futuro, y con motivo del Día Mundial de la Filosofía, nos adentramos en una conversación con tres becarios de la Fundación ”la Caixa”. Read more


Jon Rueda is studying for a PhD in Philosophy and Ethics at the University of Granada with a fellowship from the ”la Caixa” Foundation. He is researching the ethical debates that stem from the use of breakthrough genetic technologies such as embryo screening and CRISPR/Cas9. Read more


”la Caixa” Foundation fellow Oihane Fernández studied Biology, then she worked as a hotel receptionist, interviewer, waitress and a diving instructor, until she decided to set sail on what would go on to become her true calling. At the age of 29, she moved from Murcia to Costa de la Luz to study Marine Sciences at the University of Cádiz. Read more


Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to ease up, old and new challenges are rearing their heads in the political and economic agenda. These topics were the focal point of the ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows’ virtual meet-up in October, in which 12 experts from the sector came together to discuss these challenges and suggest some solutions. Read more