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On 19 May, a panel discussion took place on “Inequality in Access to Higher Education”, organised by the ”la Caixa” Foundation’s Fellowships Programme within the context of the 2022 UNESCO World Higher Education Conference. Read more


Anna Sánchez and Javier Rubio are university students. One studies in Madrid, the other in Barcelona; even though their stories are unique, they have a lot in common. They were always outstanding students, they have a lot of really varied interests, but even so, it was not easy for them to get to university.  Read more


On World Book Day, we want to speak with two experts from the world of comics about the boom that their sector is currently experiencing and the promise of future success, as well as its communicative and educational potential beyond mere entertainment. Read more


The Sistine Chapel, the Theory of Relativity or the incandescent light bulb are not just huge historical milestones, they also bring to mind the people who came up with them. Of course, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison were talented people, but is that the only reason behind their legacy?  Read more