Albert Njoroge Kahira

Research Scientist at Jülich Supercomputing Center, Barcelona

Doctorado en España, 2017

Born in Lamu, Kenya. In 2015 obtains a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Erciyes University. During his undergraduate studies, he focuses primarily on software Engineering, developing an online education portal for his graduation project. Between 2015 and 2017, he is enrolled at Abdullah Gul University for Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering. During his Masters degree, he interns at Barcelona Supercomputing Center- Microsoft Research Center where he studies the reliability of Artificial Neural Networks in High Perfomance Computing. He completes his Masters studies with a Thesis entitled: “Designing Reliable Micro Architectures According to Application Requirements”. Currently, he is a researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center where he studies resillience and robustness of distributed intelligent systems. 

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Doctorado en España, 2017

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Programa de Doctorado en Arquitectura de Computadores

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BSC - CNS Barcelona Supercomputing Center

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