Director General, CrossDNA, Madrid

Posgrado en Canadá, 2000

Pablo Vega is a Business Professional and Professor of different topics related to business management and marketing, with special focus on business analytics (BA) and new technologies, and their application to innovative projects. His main current focus is to manage the development of the sport biotech company CrossDNA. He has taught courses in several Universities (currently ICADE, ICAI and CEU San Pablo), and founded in 2011 the first official Master’s Program in Sports Marketing in the European Union, offered by Real Madrid Graduate School.  He received his PhD from Universidad CEU San Pablo and previously obtained three undergraduate degrees: Business Administration, Marketing and Tourism. He also holds an MBA (Carleton University) and has attended seminars in the London School of Economics, and AEADE (European Association of Arbitration). Over the years he has received scholarships from Fundación La Caixa, the Government of Canada, and Fundación Caja Madrid, all of them contributing decisively to fulfill his academic path. His professional career in the private sector, initiated in the late 90’s, includes companies such as Banco Santander, Deloitte (formerly Arthur Andersen), Canal+ or NBA. He has been Director of the Road & Trail Running Area in the Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA), member of the Board of Directors of ITRA (International Trail Running Association), and part of the organization in a number of international athletics championships held by European Athletics and the IAAF. Involved in sport events for more than 20 years, currently is the President of Club Corredores and Vice President of the Madrid Triathlon Federation (FMTRI). Pablo Vega takes part from time-to-time in consulting projects and co-founded the company Hey! Sport in the early 2000s. He also embraces non-profit activities and served for four years as Vice President of Fundación Marathon. He is passionate about new technologies and is eager to explore new programming languages and tools in order to better understand their applications to innovative projects and their implications from a cultural adoption perspective.

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Posgrado en Canadá, 2000

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