Researcher, Madrid

España, 2011

I am a research fellow at the Lisbon Mind and Reasoning Research Group (a subsection of the Arglab, IFILNOVA). I obtained my PhD in Philosophy from the Autonomous University of Madrid in June 2020. Before that, I graduated in Philosophy from the Autonomous University of Madrid and obtained a Master's degree in Cognitive Science and Language from the University of Barcelona, funded by a La Caixa scholarship.  I have been a visiting PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, Macquarie University and the University of Glasgow. I specialize in philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science, and social epistemology. My overall research goal is to provide a comprehensive account of what it is to be a cognitive agent in contemporary contexts. This line of investigation is developed along two main research threads. In the first, I explore and conceptualize the bearing that the material, social and cultural environments have on our cognitive characters, specifically on our cognitive skills and abilities. The second thread investigates the nature of skill, and its relation to cognition and to knowledge.



España, 2011

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Universitat de Barcelona

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