Irene Martinez Morata

MD, MPH, Doctoral Student, Nueva York

Estados Unidos, 2020

Irene was born in Murcia in 1994. She earned a degree in Medicine from the University of Murcia. During her Medical Degree, she completed two-year fellowships at hospitals in Warsaw, Poland, and Montevideo, Uruguay where she worked in the field of Environmental Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases with the support of the Erasmus + and Erasmus Mundus scholarship programs respectively. She has conducted research focused on Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Murcia and the World Health Organization Headquarters, where she worked upon graduation focusing on air pollution and children's health. She is finalizing her Masters of Public Health in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences with a Certificate in Molecular Epidemiology at Columbia University, USA, supported by the Fulbright program. Currently, her research focuses on environmental and molecular epidemiology, particularly studying exposure to heavy metals, nutritional factors, and e-cigarettes, and their impact on children's neurodevelopment and cardiovascular disease in adolescents and adults, as well as metabolomics and epigenetics changes. Her research background has been combined with clinical practice as primary care and preventive medicine physician in Spain during the Covid-19 pandemic and previously. She has been recently accepted to the Ph.D. program at Columbia University where she will complete her doctoral studies supported by La Caixa foundation starting in Fall 2021. She speaks English, Spanish, and German.



Estados Unidos, 2020

Universidad o centro de destino

Columbia University, New York, NY

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PhD in Environmental Health Sciences

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Salud pública

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Universidad de Murcia

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Medicina general e interna