Chief Data Officer, CDO, Standard Chartered Bank, Commercial Banking

Posgrado en Reino Unido, 2001

Leading our team of incredibly talented data scientists, AI experts, and data engineers, I am focused on helping transform businesses with the strategic use of data.
I've had the privilege of leading global teams for great organizations such as Visa, Amex, Bertelsmann, Samsung, and Docomo; living in 6 countries; in NY, London, Barcelona; and for the past 15 years in Asia; in HK, Tokyo, and Singapore.
A lifelong learner, educated on Innovation with a Ph.D. Summa cum Laude in Tech Strategy VR, a European Doctorate Mention from the University of Barcelona; and an MBA from the London Business School. I've had great professors, and I spend a few weekends every year giving back by teaching executive MBAs as an adjunct professor of Global Management and Data Strategy.
Digital transformation needs intersectionality of domains, and I have taken certificates such as Systems Dynamics from MIT, Entrepreneurship from Deusto University and I'm currently learning about Climate Change from Yale because data can drive sustainability helping assess the impact of extreme weather on business.
Making things happen requires an entrepreneurial mindset, and over the years I have balanced corporate life with launching products in startups. I enjoy sharing those experiences at industry events to help build the ecosystem and mentoring women to lift the next generation of tech leaders.
Recent recognitions include "100 Women in Tech" by SG Computer Society and IMDA Gov; "30 People Who Are Changing The World" by London Business Review magazine, and "Most promising Female Developer" award at SFO Conference.
Volunteering is important to me because many people helped me in my journey and I support inclusive leadership and data literacy initiatives. Over the years I have served in the advisory board of the Data Literacy Project, as Fintech mentor for UNDP, Ambassador for the UN Women STEM program, board member of the United Nations Association of Singapore. Co-founded the Female Founders think-tank, the Women Data Leaders network, and serve as a committee member of SG Women in Tech.

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Posgrado en Reino Unido, 2001

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London Business School, University of London

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Universitat de Barcelona

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18 September 2014

Meritxell Rosich recibe el premio “Most prominent female developer” en la conferencia de juegos Casual Connect USA

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