Oscar Roselló Gil

Graduate Researcher at MIT Media Lab, Cambridge

Estados Unidos, 2014

 I’m a trained architect, designer, and engineer with 10+ years of experience in projects across scales and disciplines. I focus on the intersection of the physical and the digital, and specialize in the early stages of design, concept development, and project management. In my projects, I strive for uniqueness, impact, and magic. My recent work at the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab explores how wearable technology can augment human cognitive potential, guided by the principle that devices integrated onto our bodies can redirect our perception and enhance self-awareness.  I have 4 years of industry experience, specializing in design competitions, evolving projects from undefined problems to defined visions. The projects I have worked span a wide range of scales, from small -wearable electronics for human augmentation; to medium -the skateboard that was used to win the streetboard world championship; to large -the headquarters of UBS built this year in Zurich; to extra-large -the masterplan of the University of Zurich to be completed in 2050. I hold 3 graduate degrees from MIT across different departments, all fully funded, and a graduate degree from the UPC in Barcelona. My work has been presented at top venues in computer science, art, design, and architecture and has been the recipient of multiple international awards.     



Estados Unidos, 2014

Universidad o centro de destino

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Ma

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Master of Science in Architecture Studies. SMArchS in Design and Computation.

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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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